Play Agricola Online 1-5 Players

Welcome. This website allows 1-5 users to the Play Agricola Board Game Online. Each user loads the url and joins a common list in one of 13 rooms. Then the first player to join clicks start game. Next everyone else sees the game started and can click Enter Game to begin playing the Agricola Board Game Online. This site was designed to allow my friends and I to play the Agricola Online. After I designed the site I figured why not make it public so everyone can play Agricola online. Currently it doesn't do any rule enforcement. Each player must conduct all the details of his turn manually, like taking goods, paying for stuff, sowing vegetables, etc. Maybe someday I'll code in more rule enforcement. But, the goal was to get something up and running so we could play Agricola online. I hope you enjoy playing the Agricola board game online as much as my friends and I enjoy playing the Agricola Board game online.