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TopherN8 (1-10-19): 60 is a high score for me in single-player. Getting both Seasonal Worker and Baker was cool!   [Modify]   [Remove]
ROUND 1 [Add Comment]
TopherN8 (1-10-19): Was able to play Seasonal Worker and then immediately use it   [Modify]   [Remove]
ROUND 2 [Add Comment]
TopherN8 (1-10-19): Used my seasonal worker again and also played Baker   [Modify]   [Remove]
ROUND 3 [Add Comment]
TopherN8 (1-10-19): Grabbed Clay and used seasonal worker for the third time   [Modify]   [Remove]
ROUND 4 [Add Comment]
TopherN8 (1-10-19): played carpenter and got a fireplace, which allowed me to bake 1 grain (using Baker) before my Feed - which I needed, having spent two food on occupations so far.   [Modify]   [Remove]
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