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beard_umbra (9-17-20): of note, i threw away card player from my 10 occs, as it is too much of a mind fuck for how i like to play the game. instead my play-around is the family counselor which made me think about how the board is assembled on the table.   [Modify]   [Remove]
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beard_umbra (9-17-20): i was very impressed by the throughput of family counselor this game, it was very good to get that going early on. i was food secure the first couple rounds and was able to keep pressure on. i think logic's Kindling minor, played here, defined the game as it won him tempo throughout.   [Modify]   [Remove]
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beard_umbra (9-17-20): i rather liked Breakfast Outdoors, and this felt like a decent way to set it up, and take advantage of the SP tempo with a 3 reed grab.   [Modify]   [Remove]
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beard_umbra (9-17-20): it feels bad to fall behind in actions this way, but i think i ended up with higher points per action at the end of the game. i need to scoop up as much stone as i can for my hand, so i take the 3 stone here and give up an extra action next round.   [Modify]   [Remove]
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beard_umbra (9-17-20): i wanted to build a clay room but i miscount the amount of clay i needed. i only realized after i renovated. i was able to get the cooking hearth going with the stone ren next round, and hit all my other stone house cards. rewarded for playing the well in fact, as it paid for the plow driver nicely.   [Modify]   [Remove]
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beard_umbra (9-17-20): gg. a very close game fought with very few actions taken.   [Modify]   [Remove]